Thursday, August 4, 2011

Really trying to keep my head up....

Its been a hard couple of days. I did clomid 100mg days 5-9 and im on day 18 and still no ovulation!! I don't know why it's not frustrating!! It's been 14 months of an emotional roller coaster and I'm ready for an easy day. Yesterday I got a baby magazine that I have unsubscribed to numerous times....completely ruined my day. I am really trying to be positive but it is so hard some days. I'm dreading going to work to put a smile on my face and give people heathy babies, when that is the only thing I really want. I would compare it to having a recovering alcholic being a bar tender, it's horrible giving people the one thing u want when most if them can't even stop texting to breast feed. It will get better with time I know, but just hard..

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  1. Catching up...

    --I am sorry you are in a extra frustrated place right now. The pressure and longing to conceive along with having someone else in your family who IS pregnant....well, that's a lot for any person with IF issues to handle!
    --I can't imagine working with babies everyday...and admire you for doing so! It is SOOO difficult seeing pregnant women, and/or hearing pregnancy stories when it is something we wish for so much.
    --I know it isn't much comfort...but you are not alone with your feelings!