Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moving into SpRiNg!!

Carson and I had a beautiful morning at a new park. We are loving this weather here(we are in Missouri and it's been a bitter, cold winter) I love that my job allows me to be a stay at home mom 4 days a week. It felt so good to get to start being a mommy again and not have to be sitting in the couch because I was in so much pain from cramping, I am feeling mire like myself. Although even still at out beautiful play date there was a mom who had a kid carsons age and was pregnant, I heard her friend ask how she was doing and she remarked that she is due in august so of course she will be miserable all summer, I have to admit a little part if me wanted to give her a slap in the face, I would give anything to be "miserable" this summer with the baby I lost. But of course I just ignored the comment and went on playing with my little man, he is truly a blessing.
Last night Carson moved into his big boy bed, and a little part of me is so sad because I always thought we would need the crib for another baby by the time he moved out of it. The original plan was to move the big boy room to the guest bedroom and keep the nursery intact for the next, but I can't bear to keep the nursery empty and look at it everyday so the crib will be going into the shed and well hope we will have to get it out in a little bit. Maybe it will help me getting all the baby stuff out of the house. Thanks for reading:-) and I love comments, so nice to know I'm not alone in this.