Monday, June 6, 2011

Trying to move on

Well it's been a while. I can honestly say I feel like I've been in denial for 3 months. Having 3 months of having to not get pregnant was different. We had a great time and went on vacation and took my son to Disney world and the beach for 5 nights. I had a wonderful time and really felt like I got to enjoy myself.
Last Wednesday I had my laprascopy and they found a lot of endo. It was even attaching my ovaries to my bowels, so surgery was a good thing. My tubes looked great, so we are very excited about this good news. I am recovering well I have to say that recovery from surgery is a piece of cake compared to the methyltrixate shot 3 months ago.
As I start moving on I am dreading the future s little bit. This month marks a year of trying for us and it is very devastating that a year later I am not holding a baby and I am not pregnant and I am pretty much exactly where I was a year ago.I am a little nervous to start trying again and hoping and praying it won't take more than a year.
One thing in the last 3 months I've learned it that I do need to blog, it helps me with feeling like im getting my feelings out, so as I go on the clomid and fertility treatments again I will be sure to blog. Thank u for your support:-)

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